E-Sign waivers for easier, safer automotive and motorsport events

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Innovate your event experience

Safer events with no physical contact

Signing waivers electronically and running physically distanced events keeps participants and staff safe.

Accept waivers from anyone

Front-gate, guests, walk-ups, VIP, etc. No sign in or pre-registration is required to sign.

Access signed waivers anytime

Waivers are stored securely in the cloud for you to access should an incident arise.

How it works

It all happens on the participants’ personal phones. No physical contact required.

Step one

Request an electronic waiver via text message.

Step two

Sign the waiver using your own smartphone. No sharing required.

Step three

Show your digital credential at the gate.

Approved by your insurance provider

The following insurance providers have approved SpeedWaiver as an alternative to paper waivers for their customers. The approval is neither an endorsement nor a mandate.

The following insurance brokers work with these approved insurance providers.

Don’t see your insurance provider listed?

No problem. Get in touch and we'll reach out to them to obtain their approval.


We’ll automatically upgrade and downgrade your plan based on usage. Pay only for what you use - no manual action required.

Up to


new signed waivers


Up to


new signed waivers


Up to


new signed waivers


Up to


new signed waivers


Up to


new signed waivers


Up to


new signed waivers


Need more than 3,000 waivers? Pay $0.05 for every waiver over 3,000.

Developer API

In addition to our hosted solution, our API supports integrating our e-signature technology into your platforms just like the biggest names in motorsport. Make a single API call and receive back a webhook containing signatures to streamline event day. Contact us for integration assistance.

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Only pay for the waivers that are signed. If no waivers are signed in a month, pay only $5 for storage and access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Can SpeedWaiver support a secondary waiver such as a Communicable Diseases Waiver (CDW)?

Yes! SpeedWaiver supports secondary waiver pages such as Communicable Diseases Waivers. Secondary waivers are not counted as a "new signed waiver" for billing purposes.

Can minors sign waivers electronically?

SpeedWaiver supports signing minor waivers by both parents, but not all insurance partners have approved this yet. Get in touch and we'll be able to let you know if we can get this setup.

Do I have to be a MotorsportReg customer to use SpeedWaiver?

No. If your organization does not currently use MotorsportReg, we will create a free account to administer and find your waivers. You are not required to use MotorsportReg to process payments or registrations. Your customers will not need to sign in or use MotorsportReg in any capacity.

Does an electronic signature protect an organizer/promoter as well as a paper-and-pen signature?

Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States, Canada and European Union. We designed SpeedWaiver to exceed the security of paper waivers by incorporating photos, mobile authentication and digital audit log in addition to the signature. Where anyone can sign "Mickey Mouse" at your front gate or use handwriting that makes it impossible to track down a signature, this additional data fights non-repudiation and you'll never lose a SpeedWaiver!

How do I access a waiver in the event of a claim?

Logging in to a SpeedWaiver organizer/promoter account, signatures can be browsed, searched and downloaded including all audit logs, photo and signature.

How do organizers/promoters validate a signature?

SpeedWaiver issues a photo credential that must be presented and visually checked to confirm the organization, date and location of the event and that the photo matches the person holding the credential. Photo verification is an essential element of validating the waiver. No internet access or device is required for the organizer/promoter staff.

How do people sign the waiver?

The attendee receives a text message invitation initiated by the event organizer or requests a waiver by scanning a QR code with their smartphone camera or texting a code to a number. In all cases, the attendee completes the process on their own mobile device and is issued a photo credential they use to gain access to the event and/or obtain a wristband or lanyard.

Do attendees need internet access to sign a waiver?

Yes, attendees must click a link in a text message to access SpeedWaiver.com and complete the signing process which requires internet access. They must also have a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet with a camera in order to supply a photo for their credential.

Can annual waivers be signed electronically?

Not yet – annual waivers are coming soon. If your organization needs annual waivers or hard cards, get in touch.

Where can SpeedWaiver be used?

SpeedWaiver is currently available to the United States and Canada.

How long does SpeedWaiver keep the waivers?

Our service fee includes all processing plus durable cloud-based waiver storage for 7 years (for minors, until the age of 18 plus 7 years). Unlike other electronic signature services, we will not delete your waivers if you discontinue use of SpeedWaiver.

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